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Department of Civil Engineering

Regulations for Summer Practice


The summer practices are made according the related regulations ( of the Faculty of Engineering. The additional information and regulations which are special to the Department of Civil Engineering are given below:


  • The main aim of the summer practices in the Department of Civil Engineering is to improve the knowledge of the students by making application. The students are supposed to work together with the others as a team member and actively contribute to the solutions of civil engineering problems by taking responsibility.
  • The students must make two summer practices during the summer sessions followed by the 4th and 6th Each summer practice must consist of at least 30 working days. The total duration of two summer practices must be at least 60 working days.
  • The suitability of the summer practice place is decided by considering the aims of the summer practices stated above. Summer practices can be made in public or private corporations which employ at least one civil engineer. The person who will be responsible from the student and approve the summer practice report must be a civil engineer.
  • The first summer practice must be made in a construction site, and the second one must be in a project office.
  • In a construction site practice, the student should understand and experience how to relate the relate the projects with application, and observe civil engineering constructions and applications. The constructions which are about to finish are not acceptable for summer practice works.
  • In a project office practice, the student should have an idea on how a civil engineering project is designed, experience the design software used in the project office, and observe the activities in the office.
  • A summer practice report, written in English, is prepared at the end the of the summer practice. An example report can be found in In the template, there is a section named as “Internship Activities, Job Descriptions and Content”. In this section, the student must report his/her activities in a daily report format. All pages of the project report must be approved by the responsible civil engineer. The summer practice report must also contain the theoretical explanations of the works done during the summer practice. (For example, rules for concreting can be explained for the construction site summer practice; and the design software and design principles can be explained for the office summer practice). The students must use an official language which follows academic writing rules.
  • Summer Practice Evaluation Form is filled and signed by the civil engineer who is responsible from the student. The form is, then, submitted to the student in a closed and signed envelope.
  • For the summer practices that will be made abroad, in addition to the summer practice reports and other documents, the students must give a photocopy of the identity and entrance-departure dates pages of their passports.
  • The students must register to the Summer Practice Course in the semester just after the summer practice. The Summer Practice Reports and Summer Practice Evaluation Forms (in a closed envelope) must be submitted to Summer Practice Committee of the Department in the first two weeks of the semester. Moreover, Summer Practice Reports must be submitted also in a CD or DVD.
  • Summer Practice Reports may require corrections along with the comments of the Committee. The student must finish these corrections and submit the report again in maximum 1 month. Then, the report is evaluated again.


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